The Liberia YMCA in its quest to provide friendly services to young people has over the years engaged in several initiatives aimed at creating health awareness and prevention of STDs and HIV among young people.

The YMCA runs a Youth Drop in Center (YDIC). Established by the Liberia YMCA in October 2007, the center provides counselling and guidance to hundreds of young people on teenage pregnancy, HIV AIDS, and STDs prevention and neglected health issues among others.

Prior to the establishment of the YOUTH Drop in Center, the Liberia YMCA ran similar program under the Adolescent and Reproductive Health Program. This also provided the opportunity for in and out of school youth to access information on STIs, as well as other reproductive health services including family planning, life skills training and voluntary counselling and testing. Services are being provided in several of the YMCA Program sites in Monrovia, Lofa, Bong and Nimba.


An important aspect of this program is the training and deployment of peer educators who provide support to their peers through counselling and condom distribution in all the communities of the project