Monrovia YMCA Begins 2018 Children Sports Program

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             Kids undergo training at the YMCA gymnasium          

The 2018  edition of the Children Vacation Sports Program has begun at the YMCA in Monrovia.

 The YMCA has also introduced new activities to the program. Spanish and ballet are being taught for the first time.  

During the Vacation program, participant between the ages of 6-18 place into divisions based on their ages, height and weight, and will be taught basic fundamental of basketball and computer science, youth development, peace and reconciliation, civic education as well as advocacy and cultural values of the Liberian society.

According to the Coodinator of the Monrovia YMCA, Mrs. Vonyee Newton Kolison, new activities are being introduced into the program.

“We are introducing Spanish into the program for the first time and will in the coming years teach other foreign languages to the kids." Mrs. Vonyee N. Kolison said.”

  An arts and craft session 


She also said the children are learning the culture of greeting  in their various vernaculars and are also learning how to recognize the flags of the various counties.

The children are also learning basic health hygiene, healthy living, and HIV/Aids prevention according to Mrs. Kolison .

In August the YMCA will officially launch the 2018 edition of the program. Each division will participate in separate launch beginning with Pewee 1 & 2, and Y - Midget and Gray -Y and Junior Girls holding the second launch. The third launch will be held for Y - Lions and Y- Lioness according to the Coordinator.

The Children Vacation program is an annual event of the YMCA that brings together Children from different background to learn interact and play together.

 The activities are intended to contribute to the growth and development of young people regardless of their tribes, religion and race in fulfillment of the mission and vision of the YMCA of Liberia,

The program is in line with youth development initiatives and core values of the YMCA, which promotes inclusiveness and molding of young people to become active and responsible Citizens.

This year, the program will be taken at the community level providing additional space for more teens and adolescent to participate. The National Headquarters of the YMCA which has hosted the program over the years will again host hundreds of kids, while Somalia Drive YMCA and the Paynesville YMCA will be used as extended areas for the program.

Each division will be allow to spend (2) two hours daily in the gym to carry out exercises and Basketball Practical’s to prepare them for the Second face of the program which is the Basketball Tournament. The basketball tournament will allow participants to show kids their skills in basketball and shall provide the space for them to compete for awards.


Story by: Abigal Freeman & Emmanuel King, Jr