Liberia YMCA Bid Farewell to Outgoing CEO

Staff Interns and Volunteers at the National Headquarters of the Liberia YMCA on Thursday, April 27, 2017 finally said farewell to E. Edward Gboe who disengaged from the YMCA, serving the Liberia YMCA for 8 years

Mr. Gboe served the YMCA as National General Secretary from January 2009 to April 2017. Speaking during the official turnover program, Mr. Gboe  said he was leaving as a happy person because he had chosen to leave.


“I want to personally say thanks for the support you provided me. I also want to say sorry if I hurt anyone in the line of duty, during my tenure at the YMCA. This was not intentional nor targeted as sometimes in the execution of your duties, you have to use the third eye, and when this is done people feel offended.” The outgoing National General Secretary said.


Mr. Gboe passes on the turnover note to the new NGS
Mr. Gboe passes on the turnover note to the new NGS

Mr. Gboe said when he took over the leadership of the YMCA, there were many doubters as to his capability, but when his administration began cultivating partnership with global alliance coupled with the change of the physical outlook of the building, confidence in his leadership started to grow.


He cautioned the incoming NGS to remain focused adding, “There are times when people will doubt your ability, but remain focused.” he said.

Mr. Gboe also called on him to have an extra eye to enable him see further in his new role as National General Secretary/CEO. He then officially turned over to the incoming National General Secretary a note detailing the status of the Liberia YMCA as of April 30, 2017.

Speaking after receiving the turnover note E. Timotheus Kamaboakai thanked Mr. Gboe for his service to the YMCA first as founder of the Gbarnga YMCA and as National General Secretary. He said two thing are remarkable for him while Mr. Gboe served as NGS, which are: when he was appointed as Project Manager of the Supporting Youth Livelihood and Governance Project in Liberia and Sierra Leone a European Commission funded project, and his recommendation to the Board to serve as Development Secretary.

Some staff at the turnover program

 “For the past 5 years, I have worked with him and it has been very rewarding. During his tenure, he helped prepared me for the mantle of authority.” The YMCA newly appointed CEO said. He praised the smooth transition process noting that in many organizations and countries, the process of transition does not go smoothly and the smooth transition in the Liberia YMCA shows the YMCA is the finest army in the land. Mr. Kamaboakai promised to build on what his predecessor had done and to review the turnover note submitted by Mr. Gboe.

 He also appreciated him for the leadership role he has played while serving the YMCA and will continue the family ship the Liberia YMCA started with Mr. Gboe.

Former National Board Chairman of the Liberia YMCA, Hon. Jonathan Mason said he was pleased and happy about the smooth transition process, noting, “In the YMCA, we build the hands, the hearts and minds and this is why the Liberia YMCA is having a smooth transition. Hon. Mason cautioned staff to approach the new CEO with respect and truth void of gossip. He commended staff, interns and volunteers for the level of work during the tenure of Mr. Gboe and called on the staff to also work with the new NGS to ensure the Liberia YMCA continue to move forward.

Some staff at the turnover program
Speaking earlier on behalf of the staff, the National Program Officer, Madam Mabel Kear thanked  Mr. Gboe for a job well done and called on him to continue to make his presence felt in the Liberia YMCA. Madam Kear also thanked the outgoing NGS for helping to build the capacity of staff of the Liberia YMCA.          
 Source: Emmanuel S. King, Jr.

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