YMCA Liberia, Comic Relief- Revitalizing Young People in Liberia Affected by Ebola

The ebola outbreak in Liberia in 2014 devastated Liberia nationwide, medically, socially and left hundreds of thousands of Liberians financially shattered. 

The scar the outbreak left on the country affected hundreds of thousands of Liberians. As Government and partners, local NGOs and international counterparts worked to ensure the outbreak is dealt with, there were many issues that affected victims in particular and the population in general.

The Liberia YMCA in partnership with Comic Relief, through Y Care International are working to ensure that the lives of people affected by ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone are revitalized through thr provision of restart up capital, counseling services and other means. 

One way this is being done is the provision of restart up for people whose businesses were affected because of the ebola outbreak. Under the Project: Revitalizing Young People in Liberia and Sierra Leone Devastated by Ebola, there is an activity that provides life-skills and entrepreneurship training, and distribution of restart-up capital to help skilled young people to revitalize existing businesses (including agribusinesses in rural locations) devastated by ebola.

YMCA Liberia through the Ebola Recovery Project team presents cassava mill to residents of the MV Massaquoi Farm.

With training for skilled young people already done in Gbarnga and Kakata, under this activity, beneficiaries have received restart up support to revive their businesses devastated by ebola. In Gbarnga, Bong County, a group of young people at the MV Massaquoi Farm after receiving their restart up capital also pulled their resources together and purchased a cassava mill that would enable tem ragain their livelihood through the production of gari or what is known in Liberia as farina.

Additionally, a group of young men received restart up support and pulled their resources together to purchase an electronic pump for car wash thus providing means of livelihood through car wash services in Gbarnga, Bong County. The project is also undertaking the construction of Latrines and hand pumps  in Gbarnga and Kakata.

The Cassava Mill purchased from restart up capital provided by YMCA with funding through Comic Relief


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