Rebuilding Communities In Kakata & Gbarnga Devastated by Ebola

The Liberia YMCA in Partnership with Comic Relief through Y Care International has been empowering some Liberians in Kakata and Bong Counties, through the implementation of the project "Mobilising Young People in Liberia & Sierra Leone Devastated by Ebola.”

Recently a Restart-up workshop for nearly 50 beneficiaries was held in Kakata, Margibi County, following which the beneficiaries received US$100.00 each or nearly ten thousand Liberian dollars.

The restart-up capital is intended to help rebuild the lives of young people devastated by ebola. Beneficiaries came from Compound, Larkay-ta. Mckay Town, Kollie Town, Vahnghemahn, Gio Quarter, and Mandingo Quarter in Kakata, Margibi County.

                                                       Beneficiaries during the business training in Kakata

The workshop was intended for help beneficiaries manage their own businesses after receiving the re-start up capital.
In Gbarnga, Bong County a number of young people also underwent Entrepreneur & Life Skills Training for Skilled Young People with existing Business damaged by the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia. Following their training, these young people also received ten thousand (L$10.000.00) Liberian dollars as restart up capital.

Some of the beneficiaries thanked the Liberia YMCA, Comic Relief and Y-Care International for the business training and financial assistance to re-start their businesses devastated by ebola.

One beneficiary from Bong County, Barworlor Community, Bendu Siafa thanked the YMCA for the training and restart-up capital.

I am thankful to the YMCA and the people who gave this money to help us to get back on our feet.” Bendu said.


                                A beneficiary receives payment for restart up in Gbarnga, Bong County


Additional activities under the project will include: Psychosocial counseling for 100 young people to manage trauma related to the Ebola outbreak; the training of 96 young people in leadership skills. The two year project will also will involve the training of hundreds of young people in leadership, peer education, peace mediation, etc.

To date 30 teachers have been trained in peace education and mediation to establish school peace clubs, while activities are ongoing in the project communities that will involve the conduct of youth-led peace building events involving 4,500 young people during the project duration. This is intended to strengthen community relations and reinforce young people role as positive change agents.

Additionally 96 young people have been trained in leadership with over 60 young people trained in peace mediation and peer education in Gbarnga and Kakata.

Two hundred thirty three young people are expected to receive vocational and or entrepreneurship and life skills training and post-training kits and capital to set up or revitalise existing businesses or access employment. These young people will gain access to savings & credit groups to allow 154 young people build resilience.

Recently, training worksops were held in Kakata and Gbarnga for community leaders in Psychosocial Counseling.

This training has afforded us the opportunity to deal wisely and counsel members of our communities who we govern.” Said Mary Passawe, the Town Chief from Compound in Margibi County.

The Liberia YMCA will also under the project train 24 youth peer educators on health & hygiene awareness including Ebola prevention and reach 4,850 young people through a one on one and mass awareness-raising initiatives. This will include referral to health clinics.

Several water points and latrines will be constructed in the project areas while Water Sanitation and Hygiene committees are being established to ensure their maintenance.

 Additionally, 60 portable hand-washing points will be established, intended to improve access to health and WASH information and services to engender behavior change and prevent the spread of Ebola and prevalent diseases.

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